About Us


Statemintt was created in 2016, from a husband & wife duo named Mieka & Levar. We have 3 beautiful kids and knew we wanted to set them up for success. We wanted to create a legacy for our family. Mieka always wore these beautiful feather earrings and would call them statement pieces.

When the time came to create a name it was no brainer to choose Statemintt. Of course with a twist. We wanted to create Statemintt pieces that would inspire people while being saucy and fresh during every moment that a Statemintt piece is on you. Trips to the wholesale district in downtown Los Angeles would only further our desire to search, design, and create styles that would be conversation starters without the slightest of effort. Thus Statemintt was born. Brewing and bubbling to life. It's our dedication to the world that Statemintt's can be made anywhere, anytime, any place. So live bold and make a Statemintt.